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This document is a briefing prepared by the Attorney General of the United States. It identifies foreign governments, foreign factions, entities controlled by foreign governments, foreign-based policial organizations. These entities are potentially…

This document is a report prepared by a consultant working for Booz Allen Hamilton. It provides a comprehensive user's guide for the NSA's data analysis tool, XKEYSCORE.

This document is a transcript of a Terms of Reference entered into by the NSA and two German intelligence agencies, the Bundesnachrichtendiest's Sigint Department and the Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz. The document describes the sharing agreement…

This document is a NSA presentation giving an overview of the organizational structure of the BND with special attention given to the breakdown of their SIGINT activity.

20150310-Intercept-TCB Jamboree 2012 Invitation.pdf
This document is a memo created by the CIA. It describes the Trusted Computing Base's Jamboree, held in Februrary 2012. The Jamboree was a conference dedicated to communicating research performed by members of the United States Intelligence Community…

20150310-Intercept-TCB Jamboree 2012.pdf
This document is an extract of a memo about the CIA's annual Trusted Computing Base's (TCB) Jamboree conference. This conference focused on the communication about research into the ecxploitation of vulnerabilities in modern communications systems.

20150310-Intercept-Strawhorse Attacking the Macos and Ios Software.pdf
This document is an abstract for a CIA presentation. This presentation focused on the exploitation of vulnerabilities in Xcode 4.1, the proprietary code used to compile MacOS X applications and kernel extensions as well as iOS applications used in…

20150310-Intercept-ROCOTO Implanting the Iphone.pdf
This document is an abstract of a presentation prepared by the CIA. It describes ROCOTO, which is a codeword for the agencies efforts to create surveillance tools for the iPhone 3G.

20150310-Intercept-TPM Vulnerabilities to Power Analysis and An.pdf
This document is an abstract for a presentation created by the CIA. The presentation focused on exploiting vulnerabilities within Microsoft's Bitlocker encrypted metadata software system.

20150310-Intercept-Differential Power Analysis on the Apple A4.pdf
This document is an abstract for a presentation by the CIA. It describes the CIA's attempts to subvert the A4 Processor used by Apple in the iPhone 4, the iPod touch, and the first generation iPad.
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