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This document is a selection of slides from an internal NSA presentation describing the PRISM program. This program involved mining internet metadata directly from the servers from nine leading U.S. Internet companies. The NSA's partners in this…

This document is a point paper on CRISSCROSS/PROTON with the purpose to provide DIRNSA information on subject. The paper gives a detailed overview of the communications metadata collection and access applications CRISSCROSS and its more sophisticated…

This document is a read me outlining CADENCE, a selection tasking tool used in conjunction by the NSA's XKEYSCORE data storage and analysis tool.

This document contains slides outlining the CSEC interception and inspection of a piece of spyware, SNOWGLOBE. Slides titled "Victimology" and "Intelligence Priorities" list the spyware's targets as Canada, Europe, Africa and Iran, incuding Iranian…

This document is an article from the internal NSA newsletter SIDtoday. The article discusses the success of a collaboration between offensive and defensive branches of the NSA. For example, the revelation of a Chinese cyber attack on the Department…

This document is a slide that was used in the training of NSA analysts. This slide explains the appropriate actions to undertake in various situations involving the surveillance of U.S. Persons.

This document contains GCHQ presentation slides detailing the GCHQ Full-Spectrum Cyber Effects program, presented at the 2010 SIGDEV conference. The program includes computer network attacks, computer network information operations, and social media…

This document contains excerpts from an internal NSA presentation detailing signal surveillance techniques and success stories. They indicate that both the NSA and GCHQ use a Google-specific tracking cookie to pinpoint targets for hacking.

This document is an extract from a presentation prepared by the NSA's site in Griesheim, Germany. It describes the storage and curation capabilities of the NSA's analysis tool, XKEYSCORE.

This document is a NSA release describing the recent trip of an NSA offical to the German operational units; European Commoand (EUCOM), NSA/CSS Europe (NCEUR), European Technical Center (ETC) and European Security Center for discussion on…
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