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This document is an article from SIDToday, an internal newsletter of the NSA's Signals Intelligence Directorate division. It is a part of the series titled "Ask Zelda", an advice column. This article responds to an enquiry into appropriate levels of…

This document contains posts from an internal NSA message board outlining methods for collecting data on unknown potential targets by way of infiltrating systems administrator accounts.

This document is an internal GCHQ presentation. It document's the agency's efforts in utilizing cloud analytics to drive Signals Intelligence "canonical operations", to facilitate target discover at the "population scale" and to supprot the…

This docuument is a memo prepared by an official within the NSA's Signals Intelligence Directorate. It raises the possibility that SID's existing SIGINT storage capacities are suitable for the amount of data being retrieved across different SIGINT…

This document is a memo prepared by an official within the Signals Intelligence Directorate (SID) of the NSA. It describes analysts' temptations to succumb to "summit fever", the drive to invest more and more resources into an already failed…

This document contains an internal NSA news release giving a summary of the 2009 SIGDEV conference, an "annual Five-Eyes event" which "enables unprecedented visibility of SIGINT Development activities from across the Extended Enterprise."

This document is a report from GCHQ. It details the challenges facing the agency in managing its strategic communications intelligence requirements for 2010 and 2011

This document is an extract from the 2013 "Black Budget", a budget covering expenses related to the Unites States Intelligence Community's covert operations and programs. This extract describes the Foreign Partner Access Program, comprised of the…

This document is an excerpt from the United States Intelligence Community 2013 "Black Budget". This secret budget was used to describe covert programs. This extract describes the Special Source Operations (SSO) project, designed to assist the…

This document is an extract of a presentation discussing the collaboration between CSE, NSA and GSHQ on various aspects of signals intelligence, including VPN exploitation, network intelligence, IP analysis, and IR21 processing.
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