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This document is an article from SIDToday, an internal newsletter of the NSA's Signals Intelligence Directorate division. It is a part of the series titled "Ask Zelda", an advice column. This article describes how supervisors can promote an…

This document shows a map of the world charting the targets and collection quantities for the BOUNDLESSINFORMANT program.

This document contains four slides which may have been extracted from a larger presentation. The slides show four different work flows concerning decryption applications.

This document is a NSA presentation on AURORAGOLD (data gathering and analytics on GSM/UMTS networks) and "Auto-Minimization" (to ensure compliance with NSA reporting policy).

This document is an extract from a progress report on a GCHQ computer network exploitation operation against the Belguim telecommunications company BELGACOM. It involves virtual private network (VPN) exploitation and GPRS tunneling protocol (GTP)…

This document is a summary of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence's multivolume FY 2013 Congressional Budget Justification, also known as the "black budget". It covers the operations of the United States Intelligence Community, a…

This document is a classification guide relating to elements of the NSA's GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) surveillance programs. It relates specifically to the harvesting and processing of mass bulk location information produced by…

This document contains two slides which show the extent of reach of the Boundless Informant program on a world map.

This document is a NSA release celebrating the completion of a modernization project at the NSA European Technichal Center in Wiesbaden, Germany. The document describes technical upgrades that will aid in signals intelligence.

This document contains internal NSA training material, explaining the agency's legal, compliance, and minimization procedures. These course materials have been designed for NSA personnel that had access to bulk telephony and electronic communications…
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