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This document is an internal NSA presentation that describes the functioning of QUANTUM. It also describes the operation of FOXACID in the QUANTUM tasking process, and how it infects machines with malicious programs.

This document is a technical description of the FASHIONCLEFT computer network exploitation (CNE) collection protocol. It "enables raw data packets from the external internet to interface to the Common Data Receptor (CDR) of Data Network Technology's…

This document is an internal GCHQ presentation. It describes ROCKRIDGE, which is a GCHQ program that seeks to improve the agency's capabilities to ingest more data and provide more comprehensive analytics utilizing the BLACK HOLE content depository.

This document contains two presentations and one article relating to the NSA's foreign surveillance programs. The first describes case studies of operations against the staff of Enrique Pena Nieto, formerly a leading Mexican Presidential candidate,…

This document is the final agenda of the SWEDUSA Strategic Planning Conference, hosted on 24 - 26th April 2013. Attending this meeting was Ingvar Akesson, Director General of Sweden's FRA (National Defence Radio Establishment / Forsvarets…

This document is a NSA memo describing the nature and extent between the NSA and Sweden's National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA).

This document contains a rough draft of a conference summary outlining the definitions of collection content under the authority of the Executive Order 12333 and FISA. The draft document refers to the difficulty to differentiate between…

This document is a slide from an NSA presentation illustrating one of the ways in which the agency uses e-mail and telephony metadata to analyze the relationship networks of foreign intelligence targets. Connections between people are illustrated…

This document contains notes for the opening remarks offered by former NSA Director, Keith Alexander at the 2013 DENUSA conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This document is an internal NSA memo. It describes the operation of NYMROD, an automatic name recognition tool.
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