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This document is a report prepared by GCHQ's Access Strategy Team. It provides an analysis of Juniper Networks Inc. A key producer of network products including routers, ethernet switches, and NetScreen and SRX-series security products. This report…

This document is a slide deck introducing a "Close Access" NSA training course to "familiarize, educate, and certify students in the operational usage" of various computer network exploitation tools.

This NSA document, from "no earlier than 2010," is a draft of the standard operating procedures for using the FOXACID server. This NSA server is used in TAO (tailored access operations) for hacking into target's networks. The user manual describes…

This articles, from the SIGINT philosopher series, published in the internal NSA newsletter, SIDtoday, discusses the analysts role in acknowledging the SIGINT information gaps. The article gives insight into the work of a SIGINT analyst.

This NSA diagram presents the United States intelligence community's security and distribution codes in a visual form.

This document is an article from a NSA internal newsletter, SIDtoday. Originating from the Human Lanaguage Technology division of the NSA, the artice discusses the future of Human Language Technology (HLT) as an aid in bulk data collection. Two major…

This document is a 2007 NSA slide deck that gives an early overview of the development of the computer network exploitation server FOXACID.

This document is a report from GCHQ. It details the scope and capabilities of the agency's DIGINT (Digtital Intelligence) program. It reveals the challenges the agency faced when collecting and exploting communications intelligence from targets for…

This document is a selection of slides from an internal NSA presentation describing the PRISM program. This program involved mining internet metadata directly from the servers from nine leading U.S. Internet companies. The NSA's partners in this…
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